Wellbeing | Coacto Year of Change #12

Wellbeing | Coacto Year of Change #12

We live in a society which is non-stop. A relentless stream of images, people and work which can sometimes pile up. Being constantly contactable can be draining, as we’ve talked about in a previous post. But if you’ve followed some of those tips and managed to find time in the day to have a moment away from your devices, what is the best way of filling that time? How can you best utilise your free time to allow for personal reflection, wellbeing, and just getting some headspace?

Here are a few suggestions:

1) Take time for yourself

There are always jobs to do and things to fix, but allow yourself to sit and take a moment. Whatever you do to relax, try and find some time in your week to actually schedule that in! In fact, book it in your diary so you can make sure it happens

2) Be with those who recharge you

We all have people who cheer us up and spur us on! Why not get together with some of those people? Conversations and contact with those whose company we enjoy does wonders for our mental health and general wellbeing

3) Getting out into nature

Taking a walk or getting fresh air has a huge impact on keeping our minds and bodies happy and healthy. If you have some time in the week to get outside, maybe take the family with you and give yourself time to enjoy the outdoors

4) Rest your eyes!

Most of us spend the majority of our day looking at screens, whether for work or while unwinding at home. Your eyes might be grateful for a break!

We spent some time recently with one of our customers who were struggling with the level of activity and ‘busyness’ in the office. People were working long hours, had too much to do and were carrying around a lot of that in their heads. Tasks and activities were not being used and emails from customers, prospects , partners and suppliers were not being captured in Salesforce.

If you carry around a full water bottle all day, there comes a point where it gets too heavy. You need to put it down! This is what we advised our customer to do with all their lists, emails and follow-ups. We’re certain it’s going to improve the well being, stress levels and ultimately the performance of the staff.

If you would like to know more about the Salesforce services and solutions we offer, look at our services. If you would like a chat, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

Dr. Anastasia Dedyukina’s book: https://www.consciously-digital.com/store/p7/homodistractus.html

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