SMEs survived pandemic by going digital

SMEs survived pandemic by going digital

Salesforce launched the fifth“Small and Medium Business Trends” report earlier this September. Conducted by The Harris Poll, the research includes responses from more than 2,500 small and medium business (SMB) owners and leaders across North America, South America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. 

The results were clear in highlighting the multitude of ways small and medium businesses found success in a digital world during the pandemic. In most cases, the report found that small businesses weren’t prepared for the pandemic and the economic impact and because of this many were forced to digitise their business processes and ensure their team could communicate, collaborate, and drive sales safely in an ever-changing world.

The report found that 71% of SMBs strongly believe their business survived the pandemic through digitisation, and 66% suggested their businesses could not have survived the pandemic using technology from a decade ago. What’s more, 72% of SMBs have increased their company’s online presence over the past year and 42% of growing SMBs have accelerated their technology investments over the past year and 51% of growing SMBs have accelerated their investments in customer service technology over the past year with 65% using customer service software.

The report confirmed that 75% of SMBs believe the shifts they’ve made to their business operations over the past year will benefit business long term. The future of SMBs envision that 43% of their workforce will also split their time between in-person and remote work or be mostly remote.

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To discover more statistics and information, read the full Small and Medium Business Trends report from Salesforce.

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