Salesforce Anywhere: Changing the future of work locations

Salesforce Anywhere: Changing the future of work locations

Although many businesses in the UK are preparing to head back into office environments, there is no indication that flexible working locations will become a thing of the past – in fact it might just be part of the new normal. The global Coronavirus pandemic has taught us that working from home can be great; not only for increased productivity levels but also some excellent mental health benefits too and 70% of people feel that the pandemic has changed the future of how and where we work forever.

We understand that for some organisations it may not have been the easiest of tasks trying to communicate with teams whilst offering the same great service levels, but throughout, technology has proven to be a key part of success and an all-digital, work-from-anywhere world is certainly going to be part of how organisations deliver the future.

With this in mind, last week Salesforce launched Salesforce Anywhere which brings together powerful new technologies and platform services that enable organisations to sell, service, market and collaborate with new levels of productivity increasing overall efficiency and customer success.

This exciting new product is set to digitally transform the industry and can help organisations to:

  • Sell, Service & Market (from absolutely anywhere): Powered by Salesforce Customer 360 and new industry-specific technology from Vlocity, the platform enables your team to work from anywhere, whether that’s in the office or working from home in the garden.
  • Continued Collaborations: The new Salesforce Anywhere app has embedded chat, alerts, comments and video features directly into the Salesforce experience meaning your team won’t miss a thing.
  • Remote Working: The product offers a new employee service solution and data model to enable organisations to build, manage and scale employee apps and services quickly so everyone is up to date.
  • Data Availability: Salesforce Anywhere is integrated with MuleSoft to ensure all data sources are available and Tableau to understand and analyse what is actually there. This will be crucial for making better decisions fast!
  • Einstein Skill Up: With the new Einstein Recommendations for Trailhead and much more learning content, your team will be empowered to help drive their company’s digital transformation and become a work-from-anywhere success!

The product is expected to be generally available in the fourth quarter of 2020. If you are looking to continue offering your employees the option to work from home after lockdown (or anywhere in that matter) speak to our team about achieving your Salesforce & Salesforce Anywhere vision on 033 0223 0229.
For a full overview of the new Salesforce Anywhere product and a snapshot into all of it’s great features, we highly recommend checking out the demo video here.

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