Positive move for Team Coacto

Positive move for Team Coacto

August is set to be an exciting time for Coacto. With weeks in the making, the final month of Summer will see our team transition from a space in Hub8 to a dedicated office located in The Workplace.

We’re really looking forward to this new chapter in our journey and thought it was the perfect time to reflect on the steps we’ve taken to this point.

Thanks to Hub8

Having been located at Hub8 for nearly three years, it was only right to think about some of the highlights we had in this technology fuelled space. It’s a fun fact that Coacto was the first official tenant to join Hub8 right at the beginning. Coacto team member Gary, was actually the first person through the door on launch day – He had heard that there was cake!

Situated in the Brewery Quarter, Hub8 was a great space to host our Cotswolds Salesforce Community Groups and we’ll never forget the great turnout we had for our Christmas meeting back in 2019. It also provided a great space for our team to work collaboratively, have weekly ‘tea’ meetings and even participate in a BYO team lunch, amongst many other things.

Throughout our time at Hub8, we have been impressed by the facilities available and the team who have always offered a warm welcome – not forgetting our favourite Lotus Biscoff biscuits! It has been great to have been a part of this high tech community over the past three years and we certainly wish everyone at Hub8 the very best.

We’re moving to The Workplace

The past eighteen months has seen our team grow significantly, signalling the need for a larger and more private space. As a team it was agreed that The Workplace, as seen on BBC News, was the right place for our team to flourish even more.

Situated on Montpellier Drive, The Workplace will enable our team to combine a quiet private office (complete with sit/stand desks & fancy intercom) alongside connecting with the local business community – and their dogs! We have been taking the time to move things over to our new space and were so proud to see our name already claiming its place on the front door!

From Monday 1st August 2022, Coacto will be in a private office, and working to create an inspiring work environment for our growing team… plus finding a home for all our office plants.

Want to see our new space?

Interested in speaking with our team about upgrading your CRM or just want to see our new space? Call us on 033 0223 0229 and let’s get something in the diary. (Heads up, Wednesdays are cake day at The Workplace, courtesy of Cheltenham bakery, The Find.)

This September, the Cotswolds Salesforce Community Group will be taking place in one of the great meeting rooms available at The Workplace – so you can always have a sneak peek then. For more details, please visit the Trailblazer platform.

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