May 2022: Cotswolds Salesforce Community Group

May 2022: Cotswolds Salesforce Community Group

Coacto is delighted to be sponsoring the Cotswolds Salesforce Community Group this week (Thursday 19th May 2022). There’s an inspiring line up of speakers from the Salesforce community and the trivia quiz will be back!

Marvellous May line up

Expect some brilliant content stemming from how to continuously improve your Salesforce org to effectively managing development and flow needs and even delivering a framework for good data health.

Christine Marshall | Tips every Salesforce Admin needs

Salesforce will be rolling out more incredible features and enhancements as part of their Summer ’22 Release. So be sure to listen in as Christine Marshall shares the top tips every Salesforce Admin needs. Christine’s session will show you how to make the most of new fun features, enhancing productivity for users, increasing adoption and overall ROI. This session will be sure to get you thinking about how you’ll bring your admin a-game!

Time: 6:10pm | Type: Physical

Buyan Thyagarajan | Developers are from Mars! Admins are from Venus! 

Helping Admins and Business Analysts write stories and requirements effectively on custom development and flow needs is an important step in any implementation. Join us to hear from Buyan and you will walk away with an interesting five part framework which you can use to validate your stories before collaborating with your developers and admins on custom development and flow needs. This is going to be a fun packed session to develop a useful toolkit for your own stories.

Time: 6:40pm | Type: Virtual

Rangan Goldsmith | Dealing with data volumes

For many projects, data is often the poorer cousin to functionality, technology and solutions. It shouldn’t be. Data is at the heart of a system and is probably the single most important reason why we have systems in the first place. Stay with us as Rangan talks through the pitfalls of not making data front and centre and sharing her experiences on how you can avoid them! Expect to hear some great tips about maximising data accuracy and quality, achieving data consistency, managing large data volumes and importantly for many organisations, considering data governance.

Time: 7pm | Type: Virtual

See you there!

We will be streaming the event in real time through Google Meet. The joining link will be sent to all registrants prior to the event so make sure you’re signed up.

Local members are welcome to join us at GLfifty Offices in the heart of Cheltenham Town Centre for a beer and slice of pizza but we do ask that you confirm directly to

Register on the Trailblazer event listing.

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