Making a Change | Coacto Year of Change #1

Making a Change | Coacto Year of Change #1

Here at Coacto, most of our days are filled with change. Changing people’s systems, transforming their digital landscapes, and changing our strategies to solve problems. However, not everyone is used to change, and it can be quite stressful.

Making changes to your business can be pressured, but it can also deliver great results. We are firm believers in taking time to review. It is important to see how systems which have been in place for a long time can be improved. Though it may seem like a huge undertaking, the result is always worth the effort in the end. If you’re not sure what could be done to improve your system, why not see if we can help.

Our Personal Changes

We are also going to be making changes as a company. Entering into our fourth year, we’ve decided to try something new. Given the challenges we are facing in the world, with plastic particles falling out of the sky in the snow, rising heat levels and deforestation, we feel it is important to turn our change towards actions.

This blog post begins a series on small changes which we’re implementing in our lives, aiming to improve our sustainability and personal mental and physical health. We’re also hoping to continue giving back through Pledge 1% – such as our recent work with a local riding charity. 

Change, while potentially uncomfortable, is a necessary part of progress. Not making changes can lead to failings or a breakdown in business, and even the planet as a whole. Instead of ending up in a situation which is more stressful than making the changes in the first place, why not take those steps to do something now. It will be worth it!

Look out for our next blog post about the first change we are making. If you would like us to help you to make changes with your business – give us a call. 

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