Apprentice Hoots: Learning about Dynamic Forms at a Salesforce Apprentice Development Day

Apprentice Hoots: Learning about Dynamic Forms at a Salesforce Apprentice Development Day

As part of my apprenticeship, I spend 20% of my work time learning off the job with a learning provider called LDN based in Stockwell, London. Due to Covid this has all been remotely completed and all interactions with other apprentices has been through a computer screen. The opportunity finally arose to meet up at LDN’s HQ in London to have our first in person training session! In this week’s Apprentice Hoots blog, I wanted to share my experience and the process of learning about Dynamic Forms.

Salesforce Apprentice Development Day

Last Thursday (11th November 2021), LDN organised an optional session to get all of the current Salesforce apprentices and four members of the Salesforce team together in London for an informative and productive day where we could learn and network. I was keen to attend to finally meet my fellow apprentices I had been communicating with for so long in person and also was a great opportunity for some in person learning.

The Agenda

The development day had a great mix, from learning new Salesforce skills, to networking, and even hearing Salesforce representatives share their views on the opportunities that lie ahead.

Learning about Dynamic Forms

Before the trip, we were advised to set up a Trailhead playground and install the DreamHouse package as we were going to have an exciting training session to learn something new. We started off with the basics with adding fields, editing page layouts and using app builder to add new components and set component visibility. We then moved onto what I enjoyed learning the most, which was Dynamic Forms.

What are Dynamic Forms and what can they do?

Dynamic Forms are page layouts that change as people enter data on a page. This enables the page to display the right information at the right time depending on what data is input and where you click.

How do Dynamic Forms work?

To demonstrate how the Dynamic Forms work, we created a status section on a page layout with a dependent field that would change based on what status was picked. For example, when the Status value “available” was selected, an Asking Price field would display, however when the Status was changed to “closed”, a Price Sold field would display.

This was achieved by clicking the page you want to edit and clicking upgrade now to upgrade to Dynamic Forms. 

You can now set field visibility by clicking on whichever field you want to be dependent and adding a filter.

My takeaways from the trip

My biggest takeaway from the trip would be the transformation of only having heard of dynamic Forms being mentioned without knowledge of what it was, to now having a full understanding and being confident in creating them myself. I can now incorporate this into my knowledge of solutions for client projects. It was also great to hear of all the opportunities within Salesforce and knowing I am in an abundant ecosystem of work.


Travelling to London to meet all my fellow apprentices and LDN staff is definitely up there with my top memories since starting my apprenticeship. I now have many new LinkedIn connections who are on the same journey as me and have new knowledge to take away with me onto the next project in need of a dynamic form.

Photo Credit: LDN Apprenticeship

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