Hub8 Office Space, Cheltenham

Hub8 Office Space, Cheltenham

We’ve made yet another change! This time though it’s as a company, rather than us as individuals. We’ve moved offices into Cheltenham town centre. Hub8 is a new joint work space that is “dedicated to enabling the growth and development of Cheltenham’s cyber tech community.” And we’re a part of it! 

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Coacto were first in on Monday morning, giving us the first pick of desks in the impressive new office space. It’s been a few days now and we’re settling in nicely thanks to the work of Bruce and the team. They are providing us with 1GB connection, private meeting rooms and comfy sofas for more casual meetings. 

It’s such a great location, with a gym nearby and plenty of places to grab lunch or a coffee. And there are lots of options for desk space; standing hot desks if you only need it for a day, or designated desks if you’ll be here a bit longer. There are small booths for taking calls, larger meeting rooms with whiteboard walls, and a little kitchen for necessary teas and coffees! 

They’re open to anyone this week, so why not pop in and take a look at the space for yourself? You can find out more information by getting in touch here, or check out their Twitter. Perhaps we’ll see you here! 

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Some of team Coacto at their desks!

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