Family Space – Christmas Charity Fundraiser

“I cannot express how much it meant to have support when I needed it most. Without that I really don’t think I would still be here today… I’m beginning to have hope again”

One of the charities we are supporting at our Christmas Charity Fundraiser is Family Space. They work in West Cheltenham, one of the top 10% most deprived areas in the UK. Family Space provide places where parents and children can feel safe, learn skills, rebuild relationships and find a sense of hope.

Family Space Groups

Some of the services provided include:

Stay and Play groups for early years:

With over 120 children attending and around 90 adults, the group helps parents bond and play with their children, learn parenting skills and socialise with others. It reduces isolation for the parents as well as giving children the opportunity to try new food, engage in messy play, and meet other children.

Contact Centre:

Supported Contact for separated families with over 630 children attending sessions which run every Saturday of the year. The centre has 19 years of experience working with parents who are able to spend time with a child they don’t live with due to family separation or unresolved family contact. It is a stepping stone to better family relationships and more relaxed contact arrangements.

“Thank you for all you have done. You have helped make a very sad situation more bearable. I won’t forget your help” 

Food parcels:

Family Space have given food parcels to over 270 families in the past year. Alongside food, they also give out nappies, toiletries and cleaning supplies. 1 in 4 parents have skipped a meal when they can’t afford it, and these food parcels have been instrumental in helping. 

“You have taken the pressure off me worrying how I was going to feed my children whilst my husband is ill in hospital”

Young Mum baby group:

With skills building workshops, the group provides a space to make friends and share experiences. According to the Mental Health Foundation, approximately 68% of women with mental health concerns are mothers. It is these women that Family Space is there to support.

“I love meeting mums my own age and sharing experiences. Our children are making friends too. I don’t feel like I’m on my own” 

As a result of the work of Family Space, 480 children have been directly helped in the past year. They are vital to the community of West Cheltenham, and with your help we can support them as their work continues. 

You can purchase a ticket for the fundraising party here. Join us and other local Salesforce users for a festive, fun evening while we raise money for three great causes. If you want to know more about the event, get in touch!

Family Space events

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Family Space – Christmas Charity Fundraiser