Docs Made Easy and Coacto Join Hands As They Set Out To Establish Salesforce Document Generation for UK Markets

Docs Made Easy and Coacto Join Hands As They Set Out To Establish Salesforce Document Generation for UK Markets
  • Premier document generation solution Docs Made Easy and Salesforce implementation Consultancy Coacto come together to simplify document generation for UK markets, addressing the needs of businesses seeking reliable and experienced document generation partners.

Ontario, June 25, 2024:

Docs Made Easy, a leading provider of Salesforce document generation solutions, enters into a strategic alliance with UK-based Salesforce consultant Coacto to integrate the acclaimed tool into Coacto’s suite of solutions, enabling businesses in the UK to harness the power of cutting-edge technology for precise and efficient document management in Salesforce.

By bringing advanced document generation capabilities to a wider audience, Docs Made Easy and Coacto aim to drive significant business transformation. 

Customers can expect to see benefits with 

  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Standardization and consistency
  • Robust end-to-end document management

Partnering with Coacto, a trusted Salesforce consultancy with deep roots in the UK, allows HIC (owner of Docs Made Easy) to leverage local expertise and a strong base to drive the further adoption of Docs Made Easy. 

This partnership is not only about digital transformation but also about enabling businesses in the UK to focus on their core activities and gain a competitive edge by improving turnaround time and maintaining high standards of accuracy and professionalism in their documentation.

 “Our vision extends beyond immediate business benefits,” said Piyush Singhal, CEO of HIC Global Solutions. “We aim to foster a culture of innovation and accessibility within the Salesforce community. Through this strategic partnership with Coacto, we are paving the way for businesses of all sizes in the UK to leverage the power of document automation, ultimately contributing to a more dynamic and competitive market landscape.”

The initiative to democratise document generation is rooted in the belief that every business, regardless of size, should have access to tools that streamline operations, improve quality and drive productivity. 

Docs Made Easy, with its intuitive interface and powerful features, is seamlessly integrated into the Salesforce platform and empowers companies to automate and their document workflows. The application leverages all of the benefits of the Salesforce platform including customisation, friendly user interface, data security and integration with other applications eg. signing apps.

Sharing the news, Paul Harris, CEO of Coacto said,
We are excited to join forces with Docs Made Easy to bring top-tier document generation solutions to the UK market. This partnership aligns perfectly with our dedication to providing businesses with innovative tools that enhance productivity, standardisation and accuracy. By integrating Docs Made Easy’s powerful capabilities into our solutions, we are enabling our customers to streamline their document workflows and achieve greater efficiency. Together, we are not just improving document management but also helping businesses gain a significant competitive edge.”

About Docs Made Easy:
Docs Made Easy, a popular and transformative product of HIC Global Solutions, is designed to provide a seamless and efficient document generation experience, enabling businesses to save time and reduce errors. 

With its diverse features, customisation, and accessibility capabilities, Docs Made Easy stands as a trusted partner for businesses of all sizes, offering a streamlined document generation process crucial for maintaining competitiveness in today’s fast-paced business environment.

About Coacto:
Coacto is a renowned UK-based Salesforce and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions provider, delivering excellence in the Salesforce ecosystem since 2002. They partner with a diverse array of businesses worldwide to unlock the full potential of Salesforce’s sales, service, and experience cloud systems. Their comprehensive services encompass configuration, integration, and development across both CRM and ERP solutions, ensuring tailored, transformative results for their clients.

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