UK’s largest Cyber Startup accelerator reveals members

UK’s largest Cyber Startup accelerator reveals members

Innovation company, Plexal, has officially revealed details of the 108 cyber entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs and scaleups joining the Cyber Runway accelerator programme. 

Designed to address some of the biggest challenges faced, the Cyber Runway accelerator programme is designed to improve the diversity and inclusion and regional representation in the cybersecurity community and support the most promising innovators at various stages of growth. Startups were given the opportunity to join one of the three streams available as part of scheme; Launch, Grow and Scale

What’s more is that the full membership list confirms that Cyber Runway will not only be the largest cyber startup accelerator in the UK, but the most diverse community of cyber founders in the country.

Coacto is delighted to announce that we have joined the Cyber Runway accelerator programme as part of the Grow stream to encourage positive growth for our business in the UK. Along with 68 other startups and SMEs, we are looking forward to receiving top notch support to help us address growing pains, access funding and achieve commercial success to enable us to continue providing CRM and ERP implementation services to our customers.

The accelerator is designed to strengthen the UK’s cyber ecosystem and accelerate the growth of a new generation of breakthrough cyber startups to improve national security, stimulate innovation and drive economic growth. Discover more and get involved by investing in or mentoring our team on the Plexal website.

The Cyber Runway membership represents some of the most innovative and high-potential cyber startups currently operating in the UK. Members include scaleups such as CybSafe, which raised £5m earlier this year for its security awareness software, SECQAI, which uses quantum technology and AI to combat cyber threats, Yorkshire-based Bob’s Business, which delivers cyber training, insurtech startup, which aims to disrupt cyber regulatory compliance, and Hack The Box, which raised £7m in April for its online cybersecurity training platform. 
For more information on the Cyber Runway accelerator programme, please visit the Plexal website.

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