Coacto’s Third Birthday!

Coacto’s Third Birthday!

At the end of June this year, we celebrate three years of Coacto, and three years of being a Salesforce consultancy company here in Gloucestershire! It has been such an exciting time for us in 2019 – and our birthday is just one factor. Our founder, Paul, began the company three years ago and it has been growing ever since. So much has happened these last three years; with all the new releases within Salesforce and our own leap into the world of Trailblazer User Groups. But back to the beginning!

Paul began working with Salesforce in 2002 and was probably one of the first users in the UK. At that time he was Director of International Distributor Sales for an American based software vendor. Salesforce was rolled out to the business with little scoping, configuration or training. Bringing his IT experience to bear, Paul configured the system to support his part of the business. This involved managing and tracking the distributors and their sales pipelines and reporting back into the corporate sales pipeline.  Pretty soon, what he had put in place became the standard for the rest of the organisation.

Following a call from a former colleague, Paul set up and co-ran an employment business. This used Salesforce as the operational hub, including managing enquiries and signing up new customers. Salesforce was key for feeding customer information into a bespoke back office system which managed assignments, time sheets, expenses and payroll. The company mantra became “its in Salesforce…”

Then three years ago, he set up Coacto, in Cheltenham Gloucestershire, using his many years of experience as a Salesforce user and as a business owner. Since then, Paul has helped many businesses to implement Salesforce into their companies. Coacto has grown in numbers over the past three years. We are continuing to help organisations adopt and adapt Salesforce technology, working alongside them in whatever capacity we are needed.

Are you a Gloucestershire Salesforce user?

There are many more new things ahead of us as we continue to grow, and we hope you’ll join us on our journey! If you would like to meet us in person, why not pop along to one of our Cotswolds User Groups?

You can also contact us if you would like to present at one of our future User Group meetings – we’re always happy to hear from you! You can also get in touch if you need any support with an existing Salesforce system, or if you’re looking to implement a new one.

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