Changing the world – how you can plant trees with Coacto

Changing the world – how you can plant trees with Coacto

1.5 million hectares of additional woodland is needed to reach net zero carbon. 

That’s a lot of trees (about the size of Yorkshire!) but it’s not an impossible task. People across the globe are putting in the effort to get more trees planted. 

You may have seen the TeamTrees campaign to plant 20,000,000 trees by 2020 (a goal they’ve surpassed!) which Marc Benioff supported by planting 900,000 trees. There are many other worldwide campaigns to plant trees, clean the air and improve our environment and atmosphere. Giving back to our communities and doing our bit for the environment are a key part of the ethos of Coacto and Salesforce, bringing us all together as Ohana. 

And here at Coacto, one of our core values is helping to improve the world in which we live, as we’ve spoken about before in our Coacto Year of Change blog posts.

We wanted to make a practical difference, so have teamed up with BuddyBurst to create our own seedsticks! Our Seedstick packets include five seeds for Alder Trees. These trees are native to the UK and are perfect for planting in your garden. They are one of the UK’s smaller native trees and have a light, delicate appearance with grey bark. If you want to find out more about the Alder Trees, click here

It’s so easy to plant the seeds! There are instructions on the packets; but here’s a run down for you so you know what you’re getting yourself into!

1 – Break off a seedstick

2 – Push the pointed end into the soil up to the depth line and then add water  (you can start these off in a pot inside your home or office if you wish)

3 – Leave the stick in position as your tree grows! 

Want to know more? Here’s a quick video to talk you through: 

In the UK, the Woodland Trust have been campaigning to get more trees planted with their Big Climate Fightback. In fact, they can probably say it better than us – 

The UK needs more trees. They are the ultimate multi-taskers in the fight against climate change. They lock up carbon, fight flooding, reduce pollution, nurture wildlife and make landscapes more resilient.

It is a small gesture, but will make a difference. If many of us do this we can make a bigger difference! To find out more about how trees can fight climate change, head to the Woodland Trust’s page to learn more. 

We’d love to send you a Seedstick to help plant more trees. You can request one here: 

Once your trees have started growing, please send in your pictures to and we’ll create a gallery on our website!

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