Are you backing up your Salesforce data?

Are you backing up your Salesforce data?

The usual answer is; “Salesforce back it up don’t they?” or “we don’t need to its safe, it’s in the cloud”.

We feel this could be something you may have overlooked and you may have an unidentified risk. Furthermore, Salesforce can recover your data but there is a cost and the process is quite lengthy so you should consider the impact this could have on your business.

Cost: $10,000 change a flat fee for recovering the data in your Salesforce Org and this is currently set at $10,000. This charge is the same for recovering all your data or just certain objects or records. 

They provide a complete backup of all your data in .CSV files on the date/time you specify. Each object in your Salesforce organization will be exported into a .CSV file and provided to you via a secured channel.

Next, you need to restore the data you want from the .CSV files which can you can do using import tools to insert the data back into your organization. They won’t do the restoring into your organization for you, but they can give you information about hiring professional services to do the work for you.

Time: 6 – 8 weeks

The process Salesforce carryout is performed manually and takes a minimum of 6 – 8 weeks to complete, unfortunately the process cannot be expedited, they say “It involves multiple Applied Engineering resources to get the backups and recover the database. So, it can take up to 15 days end-to-end to “rewind” a server to your specified point in time and then additional time is needed to export the data”. After this, there is the time it takes you to restore your data they have recovered into your Salesforce org.

So, in the event of a disaster can your business cope with paying out $10,000 and waiting a minimum of 6-8 weeks to have its data recovered and available again?

What’s the alternative?

Salesforce actually recommend you use an app from the Appexchange to backup your Salesforce org and there are a number to choose from.

We at Coacto are happy to assist you in installing and configuring a backup application that can restore your data in the event of a disaster and give you piece of mind.

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