Water Bottles | Coacto Year of Change #5


Reusable water bottles are one of the easiest ways to cut down on your plastic use. Plus, they’re useful as well as practical! The USA uses 17 million barrels of oil every year to create the plastic for 50 billion plastic water bottles. Only 1 in 5 are properly recycled. 

There’s an easy way of solving this though – reusable bottles. Not only are there environmental benefits, but buying one bottle will be much cheaper than multiple disposable bottles. Here at Coacto, we are doing our best to keep our plastic waste down. This is one easy way we’ve found to do just that. 

Here’s why:

We faced a situation which was incredibly non-environmentally friendly while visiting a client who themselves are looking to undertake a large change program. Their board room had a fridge full of water bottles stocked for the meeting. We were there for 4 days, with about ten people in the meetings across the day.  Across those 4 days, around 60 bottles of water were consumed between us. Looking at the bin at the end of the engagement, it certainly didn’t feel good!

Our discussions centred around a large digital transformation. So, we looked at changing business processes, department and individual ways of working and reducing the 50 or so spreadsheets that this client depends on to run their business.  There were some challenging discussions around keeping the status quo or making changes to improve performance, scalability, automation and quality.

The outcome was positive. We found ways to streamline the processes, introduce automation, reduce the errors from handover between departments and create a Salesforce CRM strategy and integration with their ERP system that the business could align to. That wasn’t the only set outcome, by the end of our meetings, the managing director decided they’d have to stop buying plastic water bottles. It just wasn’t sustainable. 

It’s that easy to make a change. A reusable bottle (like the lovely examples from our office you can see pictured above!) will do the job and make a difference.

What are you going to change after reading this?

If you are having a challenge with or looking to do something new, we can help. Contact us by email, phone or twitter – let’s chat and see what benefits a small change could have for you and your company. 

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Water Bottles | Coacto Year of Change #5