Coacto’s guide to networking in the Salesforce ecosystem

Coacto’s guide to networking in the Salesforce ecosystem

You may have heard the phrase “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” and networking is sort of like that. It provides a great opportunity to build and develop meaningful, professional relationships within a desired industry but there’s something quite different about the Salesforce community that we just love over regular networking functions.

Being a part of the Salesforce ecosystem, we have taken part in and regularly host community networking events where everyone is welcome, from users to developers. If you want to get involved in the ecosystem, we recommend you check out our guide to networking in the Salesforce ecosystem:

What is the Salesforce ecosystem?

The Salesforce ecosystem is built up of customers, market, developers, partners and was created on top of Salesforce’s exclusive business model where engagement and collaboration are the main dedication. Customers, employees, partners and communities are all recognised as Trailblazers who belong to the Salesforce Ohana. Meaning ‘family’ in Hawaiian, the Ohana culture provides a huge sense of belonging and the ability to collaborate to make the world a better place.

What makes Salesforce networking different?

You may have heard about Salesforce being a super awesome place to work and the same goes for its level of networking events. This is because Salesforce has worked hard to develop a platform where people can learn, share knowledge and expertise – not to mention a place to ask specific questions where they will most likely be answered based on another individual’s experiences. 

For many years, Salesforce has built a workplace that reflects society. Regardless of gender, ethnicity or ability, diversity is celebrated with employees having access to the following Forces:

  • Abilityforce: For full Ability Inclusion
  • Asiapacforce: For the Asia Pacific Community
  • BOLDforce: For the Black Community
  • Earthforce: For the Community for Sustainability
  • Faithforce: For the Community for all Faiths
  • Genforce: For the Intergenerational Community
  • Latinoforce: For the Latin X Community
  • Outforce: For the LBGTQ Community
  • Southasiaforce: For the South Asian Community
  • Vetforce: For the Veteran Community
  • WINDforce: For the Worldwide Indigenous Network of Diversity

Each one will have it’s own networking community and welcome individuals who are interested in learning about their culture or interests.

To summarise, there are so many benefits to networking in the Salesforce community from making life-long friends to developing strong professional partnerships, there always is something for everyone.

Join the Salesforce community

As part of the Salesforce Ohana, we strive to ensure that we take part in the range of networking opportunities, and there are plenty of groups and events where you can do the same.

  • Salesforce Saturdays: These groups offer free training programs geared towards professionals who are new to Salesforce and interested in learning about the platform.
  • Salesforce Community Groups: Community Groups offer a great way to learn Salesforce with your peers, build upon your professional network, and find mentors.
  • Salesforce Community Conferences: Trailblazer Community Conferences are similar to Community Groups except the content is shared across 1-2 days in a conference capacity.
  • Dreamforce Conference: The mothership of all Salesforce events! Dreamforce is much more than just a conference and provides keynote, sessions, technology demos and even performances from the likes of Foo Fighters and Craig David.
  • Plus many more: Other events like, London’s Calling and Consultancy Dreamin’ are a great space for the Salesforce community to get together and share knowledge too.

Let’s network this November

With all that talk about networking, we’re really excited to let you know that we’ll be hosting the Cotswold Salesforce Community Group later this month. It’s shaping up to be a fantastic event with heaps of knowledge, networking and of course our trivia quiz! 

Be sure to sign up for the event taking place on Thursday 25th November 2021 from 6pm and don’t forget you can join our Cotswolds Community on the Chatter Group!

Hope to see you there!

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