Service Cloud

Service cloud helps your organisation build loyalty with your customers across every interaction.  Your customer service team will be able to respond faster, be more empowered and productive across all your customer service channels, improving customer experience and satisfaction for your business. 

How can Service Cloud improve efficiency within your business? 

Service cloud creates a single view of customer activity and gives you tools for case management, process automation, omni channel routing, service analytics, call centre management, computer telephony integration, social customer service and a self service portal. Streamlining the customer service process allows your team to focus on giving your customers the best experience and maximising retention.

What can Service Cloud solve for me?

Service cloud gives you and your team an easier way to associate with the content they are creating, and with each other. It will increase the personal aspect of interacting with each other and with the solutions they are fixing, giving greater results.

Is it the same as Sales Cloud? 

No! Sales Cloud helps businesses manage their sales activity, while Service Cloud allows customers to interact with you across a variety of channels and to allow your organisation to deliver outstanding customer service. For more information about what Service Cloud could do for your business, head over to Salesforce.

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