Skipping Christmas? | Coacto Year of Change #10

Maybe skipping all of Christmas is a bit far, but what about making some changes to how you approach the holiday season? Many people skipped Black Friday and Cyber Monday by not buying anything – including many of us here at Coacto. This time of year can introduce ‘pressures of the season’ and we thought […]

Sleep Schedule | Coacto Year of Change #8

We will spend around a third of our lives sleeping (229,961 hours altogether!*) and yet it’s something many of us don’t think about. Sleep has so many health benefits; it can help reduce stress, improve memory and productivity, and maintain good health – including lowering your blood pressure. So, it’s worth trying to figure out […]

Unplugging | Coacto Year of Change #7

This isn’t just about switching things off at the plug instead of leaving them on standby. We’re talking about stepping away from your devices, to take time to reflect or think without distraction.  It doesn’t have to involve getting rid of your phone or tablet altogether – just taking the occasional break can make a […]

Reduce, Reuse, Re-purpose, Recycle | Coacto Year of Change #6

This week’s change is about thinking of doing things differently. Most of us have been recycling for many years now, but have you thought about reducing what you use? Maybe buying food differently, re-purposing things that are no longer needed, or passing them onto to others that could make use of them?  Coacto try to […]