There are many options for Salesforce integration with other applications. Over 50% of the transactions which run on the platform are initiated by systems or apps that are outside the platform.  Additionally, there are a large number of APIs (Application Program Interface) and connector technologies. These allow Salesforce to be part of a wider operational hub.

Switching CRM?

Thinking of switching your CRM? Do you have an on premise system such as ACT! or Commence? Would some strategic guidance help steer a path for you? We have helped many organisations migrate away from older systems to, and we could help your business too.

Not sure what CRM is?

Customer Relationship Management helps to improve business relations with customers through retention and acquisition. CRM solves many problems for your business. Also, it gives you a way to prioritise tasks, organise data, improve communication and share information. If you feel you could benefit from a CRM, or an improved system, we can help!


One of Coacto’s specialist areas is Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP helps you merge different areas of your business into one, easy to manage, central system. Here at Coacto, we aim to create a system that is tailored to the specific demands of your business – helping to improve your productivity, profit and process. We have a lot of experience helping organisations with ERP, and are able to help you merge multiple elements of your business into one, helpful system. Being able to control every part of your business increases productivity, decreases risk and improves the overall running.

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