Our Process

Here at Coacto, we work with you on an individual basis, so we can alter your package to suit individual needs. Whether you need us to do complete and full project for you, or if you just need help with a few tasks, we can work to fill your needs. Here’s how we go about our Salesforce Implementation;

Our Approach to Projects

Mutual engagement, responsibility and collaboration are the key success factors to achieve a project that delivers business benefit, return on investment and supports growth and scaling.  We have developed a simple model that outlines our approach to project delivery.

At a high level our lifecycle approach to project engagement follows four distinct phases:

Coacto Salesforce Implementation Process, Gloucestershire

Communication is key to the success of our engagement with you. Therefore, we’ll stay in touch through key milestones and at points throughout the project life cycle. Additionally, we aim for the process to be as transparent and open as possible. We will also look to agree the best communication strategy to meet your needs.

Still not sure if a consultant would be useful for your Salesforce implementation? Here’s why we think it’s the best course of action!